Learning Knowing Achieving

Management Courses

In the management sphere in both the public and the private sector there is a need to  have the difficult conversation, to reach across departmental barriers, to convey information successfully and to achieve far more.  Results from developing managers in this way can often be remarkable and can deliver step changes in productivity.

Specialist Local Government Courses

In the field of specialised training we will use experts to identify and supply skills. This is critically important. Often council staff are deeply experienced in their own subject area be that Planning or Regulatory Services or Environmental Health or Operational Works. What they need is to have someone before them who has extensive knowledge of the field and in essence has “credibility” with them.

Bringing Training to You

The third aspect of our offering is that we bring our training to you to make courses accessible to councils however small and however distant. By utilising a network of hubs to bring together groups of councils, by minimising the distances people have to travel and by using technology where appropriate we can deliver a better product to the regions than existed in the past.While we will never compromise on the crucial face to face element of delivering effective learning we are exploring how technology can help us particularly in the era of high speed broadband fast approaching.We will meet council requirements in two ways. Wherever sufficient demand exists we will offer tailored courses that adapt to a timetable of your choosing.  

Where we cannot create  a specific course we will create courses at regional hubs where participants can more easily access their path to professional development. Every organization is unique and we ensure that the training methods used and the techniques implemented match your specific demands.If you require any additional information please contact us on (08) 8227 Skype FREE (08) 8227 2296  or email admin@lka.net.au.