College of Public Employment

In order to maximize productivity our council staff have to be at the top of their game. In the Local Government sector there is a continuing need for training to maximize the skills and knowledge of the entire team. Whether this is entry level training for newer employees or refresher training for seasoned executives.
Addressing this area can often lead to remarkable changes in productivity. That’s where we come in.
Wherever possible we bring our training to you. To make courses accessible and flexible we offer them at your premises  in order to minimise disruption at the workplace and to eliminate commuting time.
While we will never compromise on the crucial face to face element of delivering effective learning we are exploring how technology can help us particularly in the era of high speed broadband . Wherever sufficient demand exists we will offer tailored courses that adapt to a timetable of your choosing.  Wherever possible we will supplement courses  with a rich variety of on line  learning tools. Every organization is unique and we ensure that the training methods used and the techniques implemented match your specific demands. If you require any additional information please contact us at
achievementThe Local Government Training Package Completely Revised
Having now been updated to meet the advancing needs of councils in 2021 and beyond
A comprehensive update of  the Local Government Training Package has been launched in 2021.
This new package offers an opportunity to develop the skills of the 190,000 people employed across 537 Local Government areas in Australia. There are over 300  different occupations delivering a wide range of services to local communities. These services are both diverse and complex in nature, the LGA Local Government Training Package has been developed to meet the job roles and workforce skills needs that are considered to be unique to Local Government.
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